Welcome 2014-2015

For the last few weeks my days have been spent in trainings and in the classroom trying to get everything ready. This evening, while the school was quiet, I spent time sorting crayons and markers, writing names for desks, and hanging posters on the wall. There, in the quiet, it hit me – the excitement for a new school year.

A new year. For me, a new school. And, it is filled with new students, with new stories, personalities, experiences, and ways of learning. On August 18th, you, your children, and I will enter into a partnership of sorts for the next 10 months. We will navigate new waters of information, and wade through familiar territory. This year, we will learn about Florida’s history, perfect our penmanship, and become multiplication monsters. (You’ll see there are already some in the classroom!) Yes, we will spend these days between August 18th and June 2nd watching as your children, my students learn and grow.

This site will be updated weekly, and will serve as a place where you can hear the story of 2014-15’s Gifted and Advanced 4th Grade Adventures. Excited is an understatement; I cannot wait for the year to start!


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